Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Published Writing

April 28th 234 Nigerian girls kidnapped for pursuing their education—and the media isn't paying attention
April 23rd CARTA Diaries: Making connections
April 21st What makes a Southerner a Southerner?
April 16th Social Media Panel: Social Media Addiction (WDEF)
April 9th CARTA Diaries: The Friday morning gospel express
April 7th CARTA Diaries: After the last bus leaves
March 31st Confessions of a clueless white person: A public apology
March 26th CARTA Diaries: Newbie tips, big regrets and medical advice
March 24th Communicate better; make life more awesome
March 18th Chattanooga and Kansas City: New Tech Towns on the Gigabit Frontier (Model View Culture)
March 17th Five things I wish I hadn't wasted time on in my early 20s
March 13th Use Reconciliation & Mediation Techniques To Improve Workplace Communication
March 12th Social Media Panel: Live Tweeting Events (WDEF)
March 12th CARTA Diaries: How I got on board with the bus
March 10th A babe in boy-land: How I learned to love lady friends
March 4th Unlocking The Authentic Self In Your Childhood
March 3rd Turning pacifist in your personal life: Letting go of power games
February 24th The "let's just be friends" myth: Getting over guys, past mistakes
February 17th Give yourself the love you want every day
February 12th Choosing Happiness Personally and Professionally (GladLab)
February 12th Unpopular Opinion: I Don't Think Everyone Should Try To Go To College (XOJane)
February 10th Making room for joy in suffering
February 3rd Monkey bars and career moves: Reaching for bigger risks and rewards
January 27th "Time After Time": Recognizing the friends who choose you over and over
January 20th Dresses, suits and chatting at the water cooler: How to avoid rookie workplace mistakes
January 15th Social Media Fitness Posting on WDEF
January 13th Talk to the hand, Measurability: When good work doesn't feel productive
January 6th "Duck Dynasty," twerking and Trayvon: On resolving to converse more kindly in 2014

2013:December 30th Celebrating the nebulous week, gap years and in-between times
December 26th Unpopular Opinion: I Think Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe Are Totally Overrated as Feminine Idols (XOJane)
December 23rd "Champagne Supernova": Filling your inner void and finding true happiness
December 18th Social Media Trends: Christmas Cards on WDEF
December 16th An uncalculated life: The joy of living off the clock
December 9th Git 'er done: On learned helplessness and taking initiative
December 2nd Two weeks of prohibition: Bridget Jones and bourbon
November 25th "Sixteen, clumsy and shy": Deep down, we've all got a little Morrissey
November 23rd Heart and Home (Open Review Quarterly)
November 18th Talking to Tennessee state prisoners: Lessons in prejudice and personhood
November 13th Using Social Media As a Therapist on WDEF
November 11th Finding yourself in what's on your fork: Checking in on our lives through food
November 4th Real biographies: Making friends and reading lives, online and off
October 28th "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love": Celebrating partnerships that let us "live, thrive and survive"
October 23rd Why I’m Tired of the Strong Woman Trope in Movies
October 21st Black dogs, outer space and the emotional flu: Living with chronic depression
October 16th Deleting Facebook Pictures discussion on WDEF
October 14th Hipster racism, "Family Guy" humor, and weird Gen Y communication
October 7th Listen more: Thoughts on social justice and storytelling
October 2nd Get Down with Downton Abbey
September 30th Sluts, unicorns and actually talking about women, sex and power
September 23rd Stocking your emotional pantry in existential autumn
September 17th Rose Tint Your World On and Off the Clock
September 16th Social Media Spoilers discussion on WDEF
September 16th The Southern wedding disco survival guide
September 9th So many ways to be single: A field guide to unattachment
September 2nd Let's talk: Make personal communication skills professional
August 27th Pimp My Queue: Lost and Delirious
August 26th Live well instead of better: Celebrate the little things
August 19th Seek to serve in hard times and find opportunity in community
August 12th Art, not flaws: Learn to love your body like a Renaissance painting
August 5th Talk to me: On friendship, oversharing and pleather
July 29th When love is like a gym: Lessons from my early 20s
July 22nd Adult cards and grownup points: The real express ticket to adulthood
July 15th The danger zone: Powering through years two, three and four of your career
July 10th Being online while on vacation on WDEF
July 8th "Goodbye to the Girl": Moving on from your former self
July 1st Finding authenticity in quiet: When should you unplug?
June 24th 'Mommy's all right, Daddy's all right, they just seem a little weird': Creating a new adult relationship with your parents
June 17th The great generational gastronomic divide: Thoughts on eating with those you love
June 10th 'Scenesters for the band': How a punk rock show showed me what Chattanooga can be
June 3rd Wedding season for millennials: Food for thought from two perspectives
May 27th Not all entitlement is selfish: How Gen Y can change the world
May 20th A communication makeover for your professional and personal lives
May 15th Spotlife on WDEF
May 13th Turning a misspent youth into a well-spent present
May 6th Finding your footing after graduation
April 29th Approach career changes with confidence
April 22nd Lean in to life's troubles and grow
April 15th Navigating workplace sexual harassment: You are fabulous, they are medieval
April 8th You have permission to be mediocre: A post-perfectionist manifesto
April 1st Creating your own authentic life
March 25th How to break up with someone like an adult
March 18th How to interview the employer interviewing you
March 11th The chill adult's guide to asking for what you need
March 4th Cleaning up fingerprints: Dealing with grief and loss as an adult
February 25th Coping with your personal "choose your own adventure"
February 18th "Best finest surgeon": Dissecting your 20s
February 11th "Friends but not peers," or how your 20s are like middle school
February 4th How to fight a busyness addiction
January 28th Getting real about money in your 20s
January 21st Everybody has prejudices: What are yours, and what are you going to do about it?
January 14th Be the change you want to see in Chattanooga
January 7th How to find a job that doesn't suck and be happier at work

December 31st Generation Grateful Clash, Generation Catalano and growing up in between
December 24th Approaching the mid-20s Christmas realities
December 17th Why letting your inner child out to play will make you a braver, smarter, happier adult
December 10th On Manic Pixie millennials and why we are what we are
December 3rd On making it to New Year's and making a new year what you want it to be
November 26th Coming to terms with being socially homeless
November 19th Why this lady doesn't want to "have it all"
November 12th On growing up: 10 things I learned between the ages of 20 and 26
November 5th Love, politics and following your heart in the voting booth
October 29th A young liberal lady's perspective on pre-election fears, compassion and being friends with Republicans
October 22nd Women walking: A lady's perspective on street harassment
October 17th Confessions of a crazy girl: On mental health, overcoming stigma and cultivating greater compassion
October 8th "Where are you going, and where have you been?"
October 1st What Dr. Frank-N-Furter and the McRib taught me about rituals and finding happiness, or how I learned to stop worrying and love my birthday
September 24th If you wouldn't date a jerk, why are you working for a company that acts like one? On work, love and keeping your inner spark
September 18th MES QuickList: Five Weird Films About Jesus in Which Jesus Does Weird Things and Its Weird
September 17th Feel the burn: The twisty, uncomfortable yoga pose that is growth in your 20s
September 11th The Terminator Is One of the Greatest Romantic Dramas of All Time
September 10th Rap, procrastination and daydreams: Unlikely secrets to a happy adulthood
September 3rd Driving off in a car will not make you happy: Give up on the Bruce Springsteen myth, and learn to start over where you are
September 1st I Think I Need a New Heart
August 27th Refusing the stress: A first-world problem survival guide
August 20th Signs of aging: Eyeliner, sobriety and no slutty My Little Ponies
August 13th Seize the day, embrace a new kind of success
August 6th Failure can be the key to success
July 30th The time I backflipped out of a bar, or why communities matter and change is OK
July 23rdWhat one 1970s rock opera and a half-French wedding taught me about life and love
July 16th Things I've learned during my first 10 years as an employee
July 9th Filling your first apartment
July 2nd Make success work for you
June 25th Coloring book careers and the growing-up guessing game
June 18th Battling "the big suck": An empowerment makeover