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Meghan O'Dea
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For the past decade, I have deeply rooted my writing career in lived experience.

My travels and outdoor adventures, youthful heartbreaks, and learned capacity for resilience have blended into work which explores the intersection of people and place, our ability to survive loss and and still thrive, and the way we heal ourselves and our communities through food, medicine, and narrative.

Born into an academic family that valued life-long learning, perpetual curiosity, and frequent world travel, my twenties were punctuated with sojourns in Oxfordshire, Slovenia, and Hong Kong, as well as shorter visits to Baja, Jamaica, Europe, Turkey, China, Hong Kong, and beyond.

Now in my thirties, I’ve developed a passion for outdoor and adventure travel and the way that engaging with a landscape physically can help not only place more trust in our bodies, but also our hearts, minds, and the world around us.

Since moving to the Pacific Northwest nearly two years ago, I’ve also carved out a niche as a writer in the cannabis space, particularly at the intersection of cannabis and travel. I shed light on the way cannabis can help us connect to our surroundings, our communities, and ourselves.

Featured In

Washington Post
Bitch Magazine
Lonely Planet
Yoga Journal
Refinery 29


Glittering there on the edge of the desert...An old-new city, partly Clint Eastwood’s west with its towering saguaros and saw-toothed mountains abruptly jutting out of the center of the city and part California, the tidy grid of even streets and canals, its palm trees and bright flowers.
— Why It's Time You Fall In Love With New-Look Phoenix, Arizona
The whole vibe is one of liminal space. It’s not just that the land was bought and the lease is on countdown, or the way it sits right in between a pocket of successful gentrification and a blue collar, Baptist holdout. Ten Bells seems to exist in and out of time, at once easygoing and a little Southern Gothic—the sort descended from English pub songs and the occasional murder ballad.
— -You Only Have 4 More Years to Visit One of Dallas' Last Community-Focused Bars


My Idols Are Dead And My Enemies Are In Power for Manifest Station

Everything We Ever Needed for The Rumpus

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It was a year that tore us down, and stripped so much away. The year that has become infamous in the lore of internet memes and obituary sections. Yet so many of our fallen idols left behind last works of startling beauty and darkness and celebration.
— My Idols Are Dead and My Enemies Are In Power

Media and Public Speaking

A Guide to Eco-friendly Travel for PopSci, quoted

Can Cannabis Help You Get Off Xanax? for Civilized, quoted

On Female Anger, for the First Annual Bitch Media BitchReads Live, 2019

City As Text for the UT Chattanooga Brock Scholars program, multiple years

Girls Education, or Why I Dropped Out of Prep School for Pechakucha Chattanooga, December 2014

Visions of a Life In Between for Art + Issues at the Hunter Museum of Art October 2014

Interview by Matt Debenham for What Are You Reading podcast September 2014

On Eliot Rodger and #YesAllWomen interview by Brian Joyce for Live & Local, June 2014

Bitches Be Crazy for Pechakucha Chattanooga, March 2014


Academic Presentations

An Opera Out on the Turnpike: Geography, Masculinity, and Ethnicity in Manuel Munoz's The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue and Breece D'J Pancake's The Complete Stories at the 10th Annual Landscape, Space, and Place Conference, March 2016, at IU, Bloomington.

What is it about Hotels? Eros and Thanatos in The White Hotel and In the Aeroplane Over the Sea at the 13th International Conference Saint Louis University Madrid Campus 2015

Nineveh, Neverland, and the Bleak Streets of London: Anxiety in the Victorian Imagination at UT Arlington EGSA Conference, April 2015, at University of Texas at Arlington.


“Meghan O’Dea is a writer’s writer. Her columns for are wrought with so much humility and heart that you almost feel guilty reading them. It’s as if her pieces are excerpts from a personal diary of reflection and soul, a glimpse into those shadowy areas of life that matter most but are often ignored or forgotten. Personally, her writing helps me realize that I’m not alone in my struggles as a supposed “adult.” I am a better person for having read Meghan’s writing on so many levels. If the adage is true that “age brings wisdom,” we all need to note of Meghan’s talents and strap in. I, for one, can’t wait.” -Sean Phipps

"How do you turn difficulty into opportunity and art? I don’t know. Ask Meghan O'Dea." -Brian Beise

“Meghan is a talented writer who can write about difficult topics AND manage the comments section in the aftermath.” -Lucky Ramsey

“Meghan is a writer of considerable capacity, connecting thoughts and concepts with grace and ease, communicating complex ideas simply.” -David Pemberton